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Tips on cleaning before selling junk cars in Portland December 2, 2014

junk carBefore selling your cars for cash Portland, the transaction parties need to deeply pay attention to market value, quality and insurance of the used cars. Whether you intend to sell your junk cars in the form of self-dealing or create deposits to automobile middlemen agencies, it is still important to know the market value of your vehicle at that time.

If you decide to send your junk cars to the brokers and expect to be able to get the wholesale price, after deducting all costs to consider, the broker will give you a pretty low price for used cars because they will get more profit when reselling your vehicles. If you do have the ability to sell vehicles without a broker or intermediary agent, you can sell your junk car at a higher price because there is no extra cost. You should also increase the market value of the used car before selling it by following the tips below:

Refurbishing appearance

Clean and wash the entire car with soap and water. You can do it at home or come to the car wash. The wheels should be cleaned thoroughly to remove the layers of dust by using hard brush with smooth bristles and soap or detergent for car wheels. Use high quality type of car wash soap, avoid those with strong corrosive which can erode the protective layer covering the wheels.

Check the car paint and all the damage. Check for scratches and indentations on metal tires. If the paint is still in good condition, just a little shiny paint coating on the tire will also make your car look like new. External coatings must be one of the best, no effect of metal corrosion and potentially help the paint becomes brighter.

Protrusion removal

If some serious traces of protrusions due to collisions are detected, you should bring to automobile repair shop or car dealership in which have technical experts to help you. Check on the car doors and windows to see whether there are any indents. If the condition is too bad, you should consider replacing them with new ones.

Interior hygiene

Buyers always want the car’s interior is fine enough to use. Clean up all personal items, dirt,… to create open space. Check the car seats, windows and door storage compartments. Buy special cleaners for seat covers and mats in your car. Use water to wash the gear stick and glasses, especially the front glass. The most important thing is to remove the odor in your car. First, remove all separable furniture. Use nylon to cover all of the seats in the car, then spray deodorant into the car. Close all doors and windows, then turn the air conditioner on in 10 minutes.

Cleaning the engine

Clean the engine to make sure that all parts can work well after a long period. Use a small brush to sweep off the dirt inn the engine. Do not let water soak into the electric motor. Get a quote for your unwanted car here

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Windshield Replacement Mesa – Should You? November 26, 2014

Understanding auto glass repairs

Since it is one of the most essential safety components of any automobile, glass on a vehicle should be treated with utmost care. One of the crucial maintenance practices attached to the glass is their repair. If not properly and timely done, there can be a lot of dangers ahead and in most cases, it can results to accidents, especially with the case of a windshield and also extended damage that will make it necessary for a replacement of the glass.  This is an expensive and time consuming exercise, unless you find a good windshield replacement mesa company; and in most of the cases, if it happens when one is outdoors, there is a great deal of inconveniences. To prevent such an occurrence, it is recommended that one makes routine inspection on the glass and also on the parts near it, to ensure there are no deformations; and if present, they are corrected as soon as they occur. This in turn offers a longer lifespan to the glass.


A cracked windshield in Mesa


Auto glasses basics

One of the major objectives of the glasses on a vehicle is to provide for visibility during driving and also lighting the car. This role could easily be fulfilled using the glass windows panes that are in our homes. As a matter of fact, they have a superior clarity and are also very affordable than any other possible material. However, they are brittle, which means they easily break; and when they do so, they have large sections, which could badly hurt the passengers in the case of an accident and potentially cause death. To revert this, the type of glass used in automobiles is the tempered type. This type of glass is stronger and in the case that it breaks, it does so in small cubes that are less likely to cause damage to the victims if the accidents.



The windscreen

Despite the improved qualities of the tempered glass, it still could not be used for a windshield. This is because at this position, it is exposed to more hitting by particles and pebbles among other debris on the road. This necessitated the use of a material that could hardly break such as plastic, but since it easily breaks, it proved not to be ideal for the job since it scratches and could affect future visibility. To solve this, there was the introduction of laminated glass. This type of glass has proven to be a winner for use as a wind shield in vehicles for years now. They are basically two thin glass films with a rubber film in the middle that acts as a shock absorber. In the case of a damage on the outer film, the inner film remains intact allowing it to be repairs independently using resin.


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Qualities of a good windshield technician September 30, 2014

auto glass1

A windshield has the crucial task of protecting the occupants from wind, debris and rain. It also safeguards them against getting tossed forward in case of sudden stop during an accident. However, it is one of the most vulnerable parts. A slight hit by debris or rock will cause a crack or even more damage to the windshield in an instant. A crack on the windshield requires repair before it gets larger or a windshield replacement Phoenix if it is too big.

Motor vehicle owners who experience windshield damage for the first time find choosing a professional repairer to be a daunting task that costs them much time and money. You can save yourself the trouble by observing the following guidelines on how to choose the right technician for windshield repair.

Specialty by the technician

Different car mechanics specialize in certain areas thus you should choose a technician who specializes in windshield repairs. Mechanics who specialize in repairing windshields know what to do to glasses with different damages; therefore, there is guarantee that your car will get the deserved repair first time.


Experience matters in all fields. You should consider taking your vehicle for windshield repair or replacement to a professional with experience. Pick a technician who has practiced for a number of years for a smooth auto glass repair process with excellent results. There is no room for mistakes during automotive repair as these make the process to be costly because you have to go back after a short time for another round of repairs.

It is therefore advisable that you take time to find a technician with certifications of training attended. Mechanics with a combination of skills learned at school and during practice tend to do a better job.


It is impossible to know the time when the windshield will crack again as it can be damaged a few days after repair. Frequent repairs are very costly in terms of buying repair materials and hiring technicians for the work. It is therefore wise to hire a mechanic who gives a guarantee for specific duration within which the repair will be done free or at discounted rate in case of crack. A guarantee is an assurance that the technician is confident about the quality of repair. In addition, it will save your money in case the windshield needs some repairs within the guarantee time.


Windshield repair can be expensive or fairly priced depending on the technician or repair shop that you visit. You should find out the cost of repairs at different technicians before making a decision. Find a technician who agrees to negotiate for fair prices that will not constrain your budget as long as he can do   excellent work.

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